The  32 Sword Forms

Preparatory - Position

Commencing Form

Section One Forms:
  1) Point Sword with Feet Together
  2) Stand on One Leg and Thrust
  3) Sweep Sword on Crouch Step
  4) Carry Sword to the Right
  5) Carry Sword to the Left
  6) Stand on One Leg and Cut with Armswing
  7) Step Back and Withdraw Sword
  8) Stand on One Leg and Thrust Upward

Section Two Forms:
  9) Plunge Sword Downward on Empty Step
10) Thrust on Left Bow Step
11) Turn Round and Carry Slanting Sword
12) Retreat and Carry Slanting Sword
13) Lift Knee and Hold Sword with Both Hands
14) Hop And Thrust
15) Circle Sword on Left Empty Step
16) Circle Sword on Right  Bow Step

Section Three Forms:
17) Turn to Withdraw Sword
18) Thrust with Feet Together
19) Parry on Left Bow Step
20) Parry on Right Bow Step
21) Parry on Left Bow Step
22) Step Forward and Plunge Backward
23) Turn Round to Cut
24) Point Sword on Right Empty Step

Section Four Forms:
25) Stand on One Leg and Hold Sword Level
26) Take Bow Step to Cut
27) Taking Empty Step and Cut with Arm swing
28) Step Back to Attack
29) Step Forward to Thrust
30) Withdrawing Sword
31) Circle Sword Horizontally
32) Thrust Forward on Bow Step

Closing Form

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