Kung Fu Fans and Accessories

  • Currently these items are only available by pick-up  as we are not yet set up for delivery.

Kung Fu Fans:

Metal Fan  (Red or Black w/Dragon)   >   $39.95

Bamboo Fan   >   $12.95

Sword Carry Case: Nylon Shell, Blue or Red , 44" length w/shoulder strap, 3 compartments
(4"x 6", 16"x 6", 43.5"x 6")  $12.00   
(out of stock)

Sword Tassel :

Single Tassel  > $9.00    Colors: Red, Yellow,  Dark Blue, White

Double Tassel >  $12.95   .Colors: Red, Yellow,  Dark Blue, White

12" Tai Chi Ruler:  The Tai Chi ruler is used in conjunction with the Tai Chi Ruler Exercises.
These Qigong exercises increase flexability of the torso for the beginner, and add another layer of knowledge and training to the advanced taijiquan practitioner with regards to Chin Na applications.  >  $16.00 

Pins:  $1.50 ea.
Ying / Yang   
USA Flag   
USA Star

Ying/ Yang  8" dia. > $7.95 ea.
Ying? Yang  3" dia. > $1.50 ea.
Tai Chi Chuan 4" dia. > $2.95 ea.

Lanyards:  $4.95 ea.
Ying/ Yang Symbol

Decals:  $1.95 ea.
Ying/ Yang Symbol Decal Sheet.  13 decals at three different sizes. Sheet size is 6 1/4" X 9".

T-Shirts :  $10:95 ea.  100% Cotton.  Black or White
Ying /Yang Symbol 
Ying/Yang with Tai Chi calligraphy

Posters:   $3:50 ea.   
Complete Acupuncture Points
Tai Chi Chuan Basic Technique
Pa-Kua Chang Basic Technique
Complete Shaolin Chuan Basic Technique

Porcelain Tai Chi Figures:  $40.00  6" tall.  Set of 4

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