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Beginner Classes:  Classes will cover Taijiquan Principles, footwork, hand positions & direction of gaze and some possible applications of  the forms so students can better understand the forms. 

Yang Style 24 Form Simplified : Also known as the Beijing Short Form. This form was created in 1956 based on the most  popular sequences of the Yang School.
Standardized 8 Movement form:  Yang and Wu Styles.  Short forms that can be practiced in a limited space, yet combine essential movements.

Sun Style: Sun Style is know for its agile steps, powerful Qigong exercises and higher stances making it  easier for beginners through seniors to learn and practice.
1) Tai Chi for Arthritis program / 30 Movement Sun Style
developed by Dr. Paul Lam. This is a 2 Part program.
Part 1 includes warm up and cool down exercises, Qigong exercises, special precautions and a set of 12 movement Sun style Taijiquan. 
Part 2 includes reverse movements of the first section and  nine new
movements to complete the  30 movements Sun Style program along with
Tai Chi for Diabetes Program developed by Dr. Paul Lam.  The program will help minimize the risk of complication for people with diabetes by improving heart/lung activity, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and integrates the mind and body.  Program includes warm-up, wind-down, Qigong exercises, special precautions and a set of 19 Movement Sun & Yang Style Tai Chi.

Advanced Classes:
(Prerequisite: Students should have a good understanding of empty hand forms.  Please inquire with Instructor before registering for Advanced Classes.)

Combined 42 Form Competition Routine 
This form was  created by the Chinese National Wushu Association. Modern and comprehensive combining features of several main Traditions. Yang, Chen, Wu and Sueng are represented. Designed for International competition.

Combined 42 Form Competition Routine ( New Movement)

Yang Style 108 Long Form

Sun Style 73 Forms Competition Routine

Taiji Sword: The use of the Sword in Taijiquan is very Beautiful to watch yet also very powerful for Martial Art  practice. The Sword is an extension of the arm and Qi emitted from it. Classes will focus on footwork, sword
positions, hand positions & direction of gaze.
1) 32 Sword Forms   
2) 42  Sword Forms

Tuishou: Push Hands exercises in which the Taiji player learns to maintain the Taiji Principles of empty hand forms while interacting with another.

Qigong: Breathing and Internal energy Exercises. Help reduce stress, and benefit general well being.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan:  52 Movement

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Classes run in 8 week sessions.
Tuition is for the prescribed time period only. If you miss a class for any reason you are
encouraged to practice at home what you already know.  There is a lot of repetition  and review at each class, so postures taught in a previous class will be reviewed. Sorry, no refunds after the first class. Classes must be taken within the  8 week class structure.

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