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Why is Taijiquan practiced slow?
By practicing Tai Chi Chuan  slow we are better able to differentiate between Yin and Yang. We need to know when our legs or roots are substantial (full) and when they are insubstantial (empty). Only when the mind is fully aware of Yin or Yang when we move do we attain balance and strong roots. At the same time we are also strengthening our bodies as we shift our weight from one leg to the other.

How long does it take to learn
Depending on the students ability to absorb the
information given during class and the dedication to practice, the Simplified form could be learned in a few weeks. But, that is learning only the external movements of Taijiquan. As was mentioned earlier this is an internal martial art / philosophy and the more we practice the form correctly and pay close attention to our Qi and its movement through our meridians as well as visualizing the purpose of each movement do we experience the profound benefits yet to await us.

What benefits do you get from
Because we practice Taijiquan at a slow natural rhythm, our heart rate does not increase and in fact decreases over time. There by being a great        exercise for people with  high blood pressure who may find other exercises too strenuous.
We breath normally, hence we do not
hyperventilate. The gentle shifting of our weight from one leg to the other helps us to stretch and strengthen our limbs and torso, helping to attain better posture and coordination. The movements of our hands and arms again strengthens our limbs and lubricates our joints. The movement of our torso's combined with natural breathing gently massages our internal organs making them healthy and balances our Qi or Human Life Force.
These are  just a few of the many Physical benefits of Taijiquan.
There is also the benefits of the Mind, i.e. > Helping to reduce stress, Focusing only on the now mind by being mind full of the movements  while we
practice Taijiquan. After a while practice becomes meditation in motion.
Taijiquan helps restore our vitality, promotes deep breathing, improves digestion, coordination.

Yang Luchan

is the
Founder of the Yang School

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