Here are some sites you may find interest in. All in some way relate to Taijiquan  either in general info or to further
understand this magnificent art.


National Institute of Health
Press release on benefits of Tai Chi for Older People.

Lee Scheele's Tai Chi Chuan  Notebook
Here is a link to a whole bunch of sites on Taijiquan.
Be sure to thank  Lee for his efforts!!!
Check this site for articles on benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.

Providence Zen Center
Great place to meditate.

Tai Chi with Dr. Paul Lam.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day   

A few interesting sites:

Tiles n Things
This is a link to a very good friends page. If you are interested in hand made Tiles then this is for you.  Be sure to sign their guest book and tell Amarlis & Michael that David sends his
regards.  :)

Mikes Viquarium
Here is another interesting site sure to help you relax. Be sure to tell Mike, David said hello


I realize some people struggle with taking a Martial Art and their religious views about Eastern Philosophy based martial arts.  Focus on it as an exercise and continue to read your Bible. 

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Yang Style Taijiquan is known for its balanced movements flowing harmoniously through each transition to the next.

When practicing
Tai Chi Chuan, use your Yi (
mind or mind intent) to lead your Qi to your extremities.

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