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Cold Moon Sword: Well balanced, Sharpened blade, The blade is forged from top of the line Dragon Well. Blade lengths 28", 31", 32.5", 34" 35". Brass guard & pommel, huali wood grip & scabbard. 
Sale >  $155.00   Incredible sword for the price!!!

Competition Straight Sword (Taiji Jian): Perfectly balanced, Top of the line Dragon Well Sword. Spring steel, Huali wood scabbard, Comes with "Certificate of Approval that validates that it meets IWuF standards"!!  Sale > $75.00   

Lion Head Sword:  w/tassels & scabbard:  Stainless Steel 25 inch blade.  > $59.95

Single Sword w/Gold Painted Dragon Black Case :  >  $49.

Telescoping Tai Chi Sword (Steel)   w/red wooden case, has Tai Chi character
engraved on blade. >  $39.95

Telescoping Tai Chi Sword (Steel) w/zippered vinyl carry case (lighter duty then above), Tai Chi character engraved on blade. > $26.00

Wood practice sword:  34"  total length,     $18.00 

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