Taijiquan Store


Our Store is starting to take shape. Currently we are offering an assortment of
Books  and Videos that make interesting reading & viewing for Taijiquan
practitioners at all levels of practice. 




Kung Fu Fans and Accessories: Sword Cases, Tassels, Pins & Patches etc.

Please call or email us for availability of items in stock.

Notice:  Knives, Swords, weapons and Martial Art Training equipment will not be sold to minors or where prohibited by law. Age and signature are required. Users of this equipment are subject to potential serious injury. Users must   
assume the full responsibility for any serious injury sustained through the use of these products.

Students : Discounts available on most items. Please ask instructor.

More Products will be offered in the coming weeks.

If you see a product that we do not carry and you are interested in, please send us a line as we may be able to locate it for you. 

Best Wishes

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