The thousand faces of Santorini


Find at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and take a Santorini private tour. Holidays in Santorini! Yes, this is a real vacation. In a unique environment, in an environment that you can not find anywhere else.

First of all the holidays in Santorini are very different from any other place. Where you can vacation and at the same time be able to visit Cycladic traditional settlements, an active volcano, a famous prehistoric culture, an archeological site overlooking the vastness of the Aegean, to see wonderful sunsets, to taste wonderful local products, to see a dozen museums and get on a cable car?

Santorini is the playground of the explorer traveler. In Santorini you can also spend your holidays on a beach, relaxing on the deck chair reading and listening to chill out pieces from the nearby beach bar. Definitely on vacation you need rest. But Santorini has so many beauties to discover that it motivates you to explore it.

Thera land, the land of Santorini

Volcanic ash is found almost everywhere in Santorini. If you look at the Caldera as you come by boat to Santorini you will see it standing out in light layers on the steep cliffs. But also very characteristic of the island of Aspri, which took its name from the light-colored layer of volcanic ash. This volcanic ash called Theraic earth has excellent properties if used as a building material and its properties were already known in ancient Greece.

The mines of Theraiki land that were created in Santorini from the 19th century gave part-time jobs to the inhabitants of the island and created rich shipping families that were active either in the extraction or in the transport of Theraiki land (or both).

Theraic earth has excellent properties if mixed with lime. Creates water-resistant mortars that are ideal for port projects. Thera land has been used from the construction of the Suez Canal and the ports of Constanta and Alexandria, to ours in Piraeus, Syros, Nafplio and others.

Mining stopped on the island in the 80’s when the star of tourism rose, but they have witnessed this very lucrative activity that Santorini land has given mainly to the people of the island for several decades, the loading and processing facilities of Thera land. I believe that this whole history of Thera’s land needs to be highlighted. I do not know how. With another museum that will be added to the many of Santorini, with maintenance of the old facilities so that they can be visited. However, this memory must be maintained.

Vlychada in black and white

There are many landscapes like Vlychada in Santorini. In the monolith and on the back beaches of Santorini, in Akrotiri and elsewhere. What makes Vlychada my favorite is its light especially from noon onwards.

In Vlychada the Thera land becomes a raw material for the air and the sea. So these two sculptors constantly shape and change the landscape. You see it happening in front of you especially if the wind blows or the waves hit it. Vlychada is different every time you look at it, every time I visit it it is different. All these years the sculptors continue their work.

Factories in Santorini

In Santorini, wherever you stand and wherever you are, you will see a tomato paste factory. The processing of the tomato (oh this miraculous tomato of Santorini) has a long history on the island. In 1922 the first factory was built in Monolithos. After that, many saw the light and entered the Santorini pulp industry.

These factories that are mostly abandoned are the joy of the photographer. Some survived the disaster and became museums. Like the amazing aesthetics factory of Vlychada that became an industrial museum of tomatoes and a place of cultural events.

I will come back with other articles in the factories of Santorini as I have photographed most of them and they have important stories to tell us. I mention this to arouse your interest that among the factories of Santorini that dealt with tomatoes there were factories-handicrafts that made socks and in fact the socks of Santorini until the earthquake of 1956 when the cultivation of cotton on the island, were famous.

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