Where not to hide your valuables

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Where not to hide your valuables

So you have a couple of valuable belongings and you want to protect them in case someone breaks in your house –portes asfaleias? Well, hiding things can either be successful or disastrous. So I saw that they searched to find hidden objects or money. The bad thing is that because they could not find it, they continued to reveal points that they had in their plans to look for, inside a house.

So from the experience I gained and after asking various questions to experts I can convey that you do NOT have to put valuable things to hide from thieves. In today’s article, we are going to talk about where not to hide your valuables if you wish to keep them safe. The truth is that if you want to be safe, you need to install a security door at your apartment or house. This way your family and valuables will be kept safe infinitely.

So here are some hiding places that you should not use for your precious belongings

1. We do not put valuables in the bedroom. It is the first place that thieves will go.

2. We do not put valuables in closets (with clothes). Clothes are easily set aside or thrown on the floor and everything is revealed

3. We do not put valuables in cases of clothes (jackets, socks, etc.) because the zippers open easily and quickly, the clothes come out and everything that is inside is found.

4. We do not put valuables in drawers, drawers and let them be very small because they are easy to open, their contents are thrown on the floor and all hidden together.

5. We do not hide things in lofts or lofts.

6. We do not hide things on sofas that become a bed.

7. We do not hide things in champagne or wine cellar with bottles of drinks.

8. We do not hide things in boxes that contain different things and are in conspicuous places.

9. We do not put things or money under papers (in a drawer or in a cupboard)

10. We do not put things between foods

And of course old known tactics to NOT hide your money are:

  • Inside the dog house or below it
  • Behind the frame
  • In the laundry bag
  • Inside the coffee in a bag
  • In special books – cases

Other techniques for a safe house

We put no more latches on doors and windows (especially if there is no alarm). It will cost you approximately  3 to 5 Euros. You can always activate the alarm and let it be missing for a very short time. In my case, they came in day – noon, Sunday that I missed for 2-3 hours. I had left computers open and did not activate the alarm.

Other places to hide your valuables

Here are some ideas on how to hide things at home, although you have to act completely unorthodox in order to get into the mind of a stranger who does not know your space and starts to find some things you have hidden. You need to understand that the philosophy and psychology of a thief when he enters your home is to do two things:

  1. 1. Steal as much as possible as soon as possible…
  2. 2. Ideas that will make the thief find them:
  3. So what you should do is:
  • Put the money you want in a food bag and in turn cover it with a layer of dough and put it in a second bag in the freezer.You find a power outlet that is not used often, you open it, dig it more and put the money you want to hide in the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Ideal next step is to put in front of a cupboard or some furniture ..
  • Pull the refrigerator and put the back and a bag tied to the vents
  • If you have a false ceiling, near a luminaire
  • If you have your bed in a fixed place, you can break a tile near the middle and dig deep enough to hide some bundles. Close it as you opened it and put silicone around it.
  • If you have a skirting board, you can take it out slowly in a place that is not visible and dig the wall a little and hide it from behind. If you want it to be visitable, do not put silicone, but you may have a problem with mopping with a lot of water.
  • On the lid that covers the cables of the suspended luminaires on the ceiling

Whatever case you decide to hide your money, remember that it would be good to leave 50-100 € in your nightstand so that the thieves do not make your house upside down, which will be enough for this money. We leave some money in a conspicuous place (maybe they will be satisfied and leave).

And for those who have fallen victim to theft (there are too many lately) according to the police, thieves do not risk re-entering the same house, fearing that they may have been seen or there may be additional security measures.

Install a security door or locks

In case you need a more permanent and safe solution, you will need to install a safety door. Contact Alfino door, the security door specialists in Athens Greece. You will be safe for many years without having to hide your personal precious items! Think about it.

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