The need to learn English as a second language

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The need to learn English as a second language

Since we are children we keep hearing our parents say that we have to learn English and take classes –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– since a very young age. But is that really going to help us? What is the right age to start taking English lessons and what are the advantages of learning English as a second language?

In this article we are going to go through the need to learn English as a second language! Get ready to learn more details about why you need the English language in your life.

English language

English has been declared an international language and is directly related to the era of globalization. Most communication between peoples as well as the largest percentage of information exchange takes place through English. More than 50% of the world’s population are speaking English today so we guess it would be nice to know how to communicate in the most popular language.

It is no coincidence that English is referred to as Lingua Franca or Common Dialect playing an important role in connecting different peoples with each other. By learning English one acquires the privilege of understanding and communicating with the rest of the world, amazing isn’t it?

Acquiring knowledge of English facilitates the connection of people with different cultures and cultural characteristics. Expanding the circle of social contacts, physical dialogue or communication through social media as well as the understanding of the particular social and cultural elements of different peoples around the world, is achieved mainly through the use of the English language.

Where is English used?

English is used everywhere. Initially, in business and commercial activities due to the evolution of the technology and globalization. The rise of a business in the highly competitive business world is not easy without a means of international communication with the rest of the world.

An entrepreneur who wants to grow his business and increase the prestige and profit of his business must come into fruitful contact with potential clients-investors outside the scope of his country, must advertise the product or service he sells in more countries as well as to establish beneficial collaborations with other business areas. How will he do that? By using English of course.

English is also considered essential in the fields of science and technology. Scientists from all disciplines must know the common code of communication with each other in order to share knowledge and information by improving their scientific methods and implementing their scientific work.

English in schools

When it comes to education, English seems to be an integral part of it. It could be said that there is no school in countries that do not have English as their national dialect that does not teach English. Understanding the need for the job market, teachers bring teachers into contact with English from an early age.

Children need to acquire even a basic level of understanding and speaking English if they want to acquire the necessary supplies for their future course. Of course, most educational institutions in the world define English as their official language as they also accept international students.

Of course, even in other universities, learning English is considered necessary for students to be able to receive their degree and open their horizons in the workplace. Many courses are taught in English with teachers taking their knowledge for granted by students.

What do scientists say about English and its benefits

It is worth noting that science has proven many times the beneficial effects of learning foreign languages ​​such as English. Research, such as that of Mårtensson and colleagues, shows that learning foreign languages ​​develops brain structures such as the hippocampus, and frontotemporal areas of the brain related to memory function, auditory skills and verbal intelligence.

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